lørdag 30. mai 2009

Next weekend.



Today we borrowed Miko, and had a nice long walk around "Store Stokkavann"

He was a "good boy", a friendly and active Labrador dog, who is two years old.

Friday afternoon, (yesterday), my husband and I went to one of the beaches, approx  half an hours drive from where we live.
It is not SUMMER , but nice to just relax and enjoy a nice day. Blue sky, the sound of the waves, and the sun warm enough to feel that ..... summer is on it`s way!
Even the fact that Norway has plenty of beautiful mountains, woods, fjords and lakes.... I still think that the coast is what I like most!

The book has arrived.....

The color quality and contrast was really good!
Thanks to the German printing!;-)

onsdag 20. mai 2009

Flying a Boing 737

It is amazing  to do something unusual and unexpected on an ordinary Wednesday evening...
I have been out "flying" a Boing 737. Well, a Boing 737 Simulator. It was great fun! ;-)

søndag 17. mai 2009


It is past midnight..... Take a look at what I wrote on May 9th. 
Yes, Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Song Contest! He won by a huge margin, almost twice as many points as the second entry.Congratulations young man! 
Another reason for using the flag is that today is Norways National Day!
What a good start to the day!

The pictures are taken from the TV

fredag 15. mai 2009

Hi again.
I am soooo pleased it is Friday. The sun is shining and we are off to a barbeque.
May-jazz is over, and I enjoyed lots of nice music....
Already looking forward to the next festival, and we have plenty off them in town.
Some say we have far too many.
The famous book is done and ordered, and even though it has been a stressful time, and life in general has been a bit upside down..... due to one particular situation, I am pleased to say that I have learned who to trust and who not! And also that just simple small things in life can give lots of joy. 

Since it is Friday I will share this music-video with you.
Have a nice weekend!

lørdag 9. mai 2009

Good luck, Alexander!

I have just watched the news, showing an interview with Alexander Rybak who will represent Norway in Moscow next Saturday.
I hope that he will do well!!;-)
It is not a type of competition that I would normally have been interested in, but this time I seriously think that this young man and his song will be one of the best, if not the winner.

torsdag 7. mai 2009


On my way to the bus station after the concert, I passed the park.... and the old sign "Jesus (is the worlds light)". I don`t think that this city is more religious than other places today. But the sign has been there as long as I remember. Well, I do not know about any other place with a sign like this.....

onsdag 6. mai 2009


Stavanger is my home town. 
Today has been a cold day, with sunshine, a bit of rain and even hail.
Tonight I have been to "Sting" at a concert, one of many in and around the city, as a part of the annual Maijazz (www.maijazz.no) Gjerstad/Motland/Lonberg-Holm/Solberg were playing

tirsdag 5. mai 2009

Last week....

Last week as well as this week, I will be busy with choosing pictures for several projects.
I will hopefully  be able to do this in a better way. Listen to others can be ok, but I guess it is down to just me,- to make the final decisions.
I started off with a few hundred pictures, narrowed it down to just 100, and have to pick 30-40 of these......