fredag 15. mai 2009

Hi again.
I am soooo pleased it is Friday. The sun is shining and we are off to a barbeque.
May-jazz is over, and I enjoyed lots of nice music....
Already looking forward to the next festival, and we have plenty off them in town.
Some say we have far too many.
The famous book is done and ordered, and even though it has been a stressful time, and life in general has been a bit upside down..... due to one particular situation, I am pleased to say that I have learned who to trust and who not! And also that just simple small things in life can give lots of joy. 

Since it is Friday I will share this music-video with you.
Have a nice weekend!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Den der videoen minner meg veldig om subwayen i London, jeg kan ikke akkurat si at jeg savner det stresset under jorden.

    Ser fram til å se den ferdige boken din Gunn.

  2. Du har æren av å legge inn første kommentar her.
    Ang.boken, så er jeg veldig spent på å se resultatet.Om det er ok farger osv.....
    Jeg gleder meg til både foto og tekst som DU har i din bok!
    Dette blir spennende!!
    Ha en fin helg og !7.mai.!

  3. March 2011.

    My thoughts these days are mainly around the disasters that are happening in Japan.....

    I won a photo competition some years back, and the prize was a trip for 2 to Tokyo. We also visited Kyoto and Hiroshima. Never have I visited a country with such helpful, nice and polite people.