tirsdag 23. juni 2009

Hello again.

Today I have put up a photo I took in London some weeks back.

I don´t know why I am more eager to use the camera when I am abroad or when I have a certain photo-task.
I keep telling myself that there are "millions of things" all over....
I spoke to a Danish photographer that saw the photo exhibition, and he told me that he is trying each day to take a photo of something new..... So THANK YOU Steen, you inspired me! ;-)
So, here I am with my two cameras, and I will stick to my plan.
Some of the photos you can see here, others at http://www.stavangerdailyphoto.com


3 kommentarer:

  1. Smårar komposisjon, men det funker veldig godt. Hun er på vei ut av bildet men blir hengende igjen et sted mot kameraet.

  2. The glass shape complements the woman's shape.

  3. A very interesting and impressive, dramatic photo! NICE! :-D