søndag 7. juni 2009


It has been busy, nice and challenging to be part of the exhibition.
I was so pleased to see and to meet people who took interest in our work!
A big THANK YOU to all who commented and also took the time to write in my "guestbook".

4 kommentarer:

  1. Good job Gunn, even though you had a bad shoulder :) Did you get more pictures from the exhibition? If you took a picture of mine, I would greatly appreciate having one copy so that I could use it on my web page:) And I could also link to you`r page. If you want?
    My mail is alex@acfoto.no

    Thanks :)

  2. I will send you some pictures later today or tomorrow.

  3. Would it be ok if you sent me these and some more (if you have) and I could upload them to the facebook-event?

  4. Hei Bjarte.
    YOU can use this photo. I will take a look after Tuesday and if I have some ok photos, I will send you ( and Alex) some more.Ok?